Our commitments


It is our honor to deliver on our commitments, that is why, ever since the creation of the GBM bank we never failed to do so:

  1. to our customers;
  2. to the administration;
  3. to our partners;
  4. to our correspondents;


Our main mission is to contribute to the development of the domestic economy by financing industrial, commercial and other projects, while making sure to avoid financing any activity deemed dubious (related in any way, shape or form to drug trafficking, arms trafficking, money laundering, terrorism, etc.).

Our commitment to fight poverty is reflected in the important support we have given to the Bouamatou Foundation since its creation. This institution is active in several areas of humanitarian action:

  1. Construction of water distribution networks to the benefit of the poorest populations;
  2. Construction of public buildings in remote areas of the country (schools, health centers, mosques, etc.);
  3. Handling of medical evacuations abroad;
  4. School and university scholarships inside and outside the country for children from needy families.


The construction, equipment and operation of an ophthalmological hospital by the Bouamatou Foundation remains today a unique example of how the Foundation gives life to humanitarian action in Mauritania and in the whole sub-region. Since its opening in 1997, this hospital has been providing care, performing the most delicate surgical interventions, distributing medicines and corrective lenses to the poorest populations, all free of charge, without asking anything in return.

Through its numerous programs to fight trachoma, the Foundation's doctors and nurses periodically travel with their equipment and materials to the inland of the country to find and treat patients in the most remote areas.