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Indeed, taking a moment of your precious time to visit our website proves that you are highly interested in our services. We warmly thank you for this and promise that by browsing these pages, you will come across interesting and useful information about the General Bank of Mauritania (GBM).


As of 2020, GBM has celebrated its 25th anniversary; a quarter century during which it has not ceased to put its expertise and competence at the service of its clients. A whole period of tireless work dedicated to the economic development of Mauritania.

With our efforts, hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises have been created and developed in the strategic sectors of the economy.

Many larger companies, including some of the most renowned in the country, have used our services over the years and, far from being disappointed, have repeatedly expressed their gratitude and congratulations to the GBM Board for the highly professional quality of its services and the efficiency of its interventions.

In an increasingly difficult context marked by a global crisis that is still threatening and in spite of ever tougher competition at the national level following the appearance of new banks in a limited market, some of which belong to powerful international groups, nothing has changed today in our desire to always be at the forefront, working to promote the country's economic development.

This is what keeps us focused on providing you with the high quality services you are familiar with over the next few years.

Our existing customers are already aware of how much we value our commitments. Let us assure you that all your valuable comments and recommendations are duly taken into consideration, with a view to diversifying our offers and improving our terms and conditions. We have also set up an Online Banking service that will allow you to access your account at your convenience, wherever you are, from an Internet line, in the most secure way possible.

Accordingly, as part of our efforts to always provide solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, we opened a branch entirely dedicated to Islamic Banking which is, since 2018, offering quality services, in accordance with the laws and regulations of our holy Shariah law. In the same year, we completed building and fitting out our two branches in Nouadhibou, the conventional branch and the Islamic branch which were inaugurated on January 11, 2020.

Another highlight of 2019 was the implementation and operation of our Electronic Banking Network, making it possible to withdraw cash or make online payments in businesses equipped with TPE terminals.

As far as our dear Internet users are concerned, who are not yet part of our friendly clientele, we invite you to make the first step in this direction, as we are sure that your business success matters greatly to you.


I hope you find the website interesting and informative.



Managing Director
of General Bank of Mauritania