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Carry out your day-to-day business with our short- and medium-term financing solutions and benefit from additional cash flow at attractive rates. Please contact our Corporate Officers to find out which services best suit your needs.

  1. Overdraft and cash facilities
  2. Inventory Financing
  3. Campaign Financing
  4. Trade Discount
  5. Signature Commitment
  6. Contract Pre-financing
  7. Advance on invoice or settlement


Overdraft and cash facilities
Take advantage of capped, revolving overdraft and liquidity facilities to balance your cash flow and meet your business cycle deadlines.
Visit us and get a quote that reflects your needs, your level of activity and the length of your operating season at a competitive rate.  

Inventory Financing
Do you own stocks of goods, raw materials or finished products? Get an advance on stock, an adapted credit based on the nature of the goods pledged, their value and their rotation period.   
Find out more about the terms and conditions of this offer by meeting one of our Corporate Officers, and learn more about the lowest rate credit options available at GBM. 

Campaign Financing
Do you operate a seasonal business? GBM offers you an overdraft adapted to your needs from the beginning of your operating cycle. 
With the campaign credit, you can meet your expenses even before the start of sales, whatever your sector of activity (agriculture, tourism, construction...). Draw up your cash flow plan and present it to our Corporate Officers. 

Trade Discount
Using this funding method, you get the value of receivables that you have chosen to discount, and receive immediate short-term funding without waiting for your bills of exchange to mature. Discounting relieves you of the payment in exchange for a commission and GBM takes over until the creditor actually pays. Once approved, your cash advance is paid directly into your account. For more information, please contact your Corporate Officer or visit a GBM branch near you. 

Signature Commitment
Lacking funds to commit to your partners? In need of a surety to perform a managed business? Seize the opportunity! After a careful review of your status, GBM will act as a guarantor for you and secure your solvency throughout the entire business or legal relationship between you and your partners. 
Learn more about this contract through which GBM undertakes to intervene financially on your behalf so that you can concentrate on your business. 

Contract Pre-financing
Are you awarded a public or private contract? GBM offers you short-term financing to launch your activity and meet the first expenses as soon as the work begins. 
To find out more about this offer, contact your Corporate Officer or your GBM branch.

Advance on invoice or settlement
Use this short-term financing solution to collect your receivables in advance and compensate for the payment terms you grant to your customers. 
Upon the transfer of your receivables to GBM, you immediately benefit from the advance corresponding to a percentage of your outstanding amounts, which you can immediately inject into your cash flow. The entire operation is carried out in complete confidentiality.