Générale de Banque de Mauritanie (GBM) was created in 1995 on the initiative of a Mauritanian businessman Mohamed Bouamatou and with the support of the Belgolaise (subsidiary for Africa of the famous Fortis Bank).


Since its inception, GBM has developed an investment banking profile attracting the country’s companies which have found in it the ideal partner. In the meantime, GBM has gained the confidence of international financial backers such as the ADB, EIB or the IFC (International Finance Corporation). The latter enabled it, moreover, to be the first Mauritanian bank to be eligible for the global program of “Trade Finance” (GTFP).
Through its professionalism and competence of its management team, GBM has built a large network of correspondents around the world.
And so today, GBM enjoys the confidence of first rank international correspondents on all continents and through whom it has significant confirmation lines, among which are: CITIBANK, NATIXIS, COMMERZBANK, BANCO POPULAR ESPANOL, BANK OF TOKYO etc…
GBM, known for its availability, integrity and expertise for financial packages, has acquired the undisputed status of reference bank in Mauritania for businesses.